Architect, contractor and supplier win masonry award

Source:  The Star Press
Date:  December 18, 2012
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A Muncie architect, as well as a Muncie masonry contractor and Delaware County masonry products supplier, shared in an honor in the 2012 Midwest Masonry Institute (MMI) and Indiana Concrete Masonry Institute (ICMA) Design Awards program held in Indianapolis in November.

ChrysanthemumCostello + Associates, along with the S.A. Boyce Corporation and Tri-County Masonry Supply, were recognized for the roles in the Costello residence, Muncie, with the 2012 “Excellence in Urban Sustainable Residential Landscape Design” Award.

The project involved creative uses of an array of concrete masonry units and pavers in various hardscape elements of the landscape design for the small, urban site of the architect’s family residence on West Petty Road.

The awards jury made special note of the reuse of masonry pavers that had been salvaged from both building and landscape projects demolished in Muncie over the last three decades. Most notably, these included a carved limestone, keystone from the historic McKinley Elementary School (1908; demolished 1983) and portions of the limestone edging of the small garden pool that was part of the original landscape development of the Valentine Residence (1918) located at 1101 Riverside Avenue before its demolition (circa 2007) to make way for the current Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity House. It was designed by Barry Byrne (1883-1967), an architect who had learned the practice of architecture in the office of Frank Lloyd Wright from 1902-1908.

From the street, the most visible element of the landscape development is the inlaid concrete pavers that edge the concrete driveway and provide the paving for the short walkway to the front entry. Both were constructed by the S.A. Boyce Corporation. Also visible in the front yard is the masonry “collar” surrounding the water meter cover, constructed by the owner who also built the remainder of the masonry elements.