Caulking is the process of sealing joints or seams in various constructions or piping. One of the oldest forms of caulking was made from fibrous material used to make the gaps in wooden boats or ships watertight by putting caulk between the planks. “Caulking” is the term which refers to the application to close gaps and spaces, keeping out water, dust, air and insects. Another purpose of caulking is for thermal insulation and to decrease the level of noise. By using caulk to seal leaks and cracks around homes especially, it increases energy efficiency. More so, using caulking takes strain off of the building structure and can save time, money and the issue of major repairs.

We have completed many caulking projects at Ball State University including the Teacher’s College, Lafollette Dorm Building and Wagoner Hall in Muncie. Also, in Muncie, Indiana, we have caulked the Gillespie Towers Apartments and the Fisher Building. One of our most recent projects has been the Blackford County Courthouse in Hartford City, Indiana.